My first Body painting project featured in the FACE Magazine 2015 “STEAMPUNK” and “Fantasy PANTHER” with my other Face painting designs

Rasiha Kavaklidere - the Artist

My journey started back in 2013 where face painting was my free time hobby having fun at home painting my children's faces with a small six colour party palette using a brush and a sponge. One day I decided to search for more design ideas online and discovered the incredible world of face painting. I became so inspired by pursuing face painting artists globally with great skills and talents and I soon became apart of the big crazy world of face painting. My confidence grew so much when my face painting designs were getting recognised amongst world wide professional face and body painting artists on social media and because of this I then decided to turn my passion into business.

I'm a person who always likes to take on different challenges and always looking for ways to improve my skills and experiences. In the second year to my face painting I wanted to do my first body painting project in 2015 of a "Steampunk" (New year dreams) - "Fantasy Panther" (Paradise Jam- theme of Endangered specie's) which both got featured along with my other work in The FACE magazine. I have also taken part in a few prestigious events Body painting at the annual PROSTHETICS Event- (Birmingham university) and assisted big names of the industry with body painting at UMAEXPO - London.

I took my first FACE assessment to join The International Face painting Association-(member #517) in 2015 and have been a member to the association ever since (FACE link)

I have achieved a lot from the start of my journey and had the most greatest opportunities to meet super talented artists in my industry. I feel so proud to be apart of this BiG Weird & wonderful world where imagination has no limits and I take it as far as I can go...